Welcome Careplanners!


A Caregiver? 

A Power of Attorney?
A Key Decision Maker? 

An Executor?

Not certain what to do or where to start?


How can we help you?

ARE you a Careplanner?

Have you (or will you be):

  • The primary CAREGIVER for a family member or friend?
  • A key DECISION MAKER for a loved one?
  • An EXECUTOR for an estate?

Then you are part of the growing group of individuals we call CAREPLANNERS and we're here to help!

WHY Confident Careplanners Inc.?

We are a one-stop coordination service between you, the Careplanner, and the service providers or resources you need for you and your loved ones.

You may not know what to do,
where to go, or how to get the help you need so we take away some of the stress & overwhelm by guiding you to:

  • get your ACTION PLANS in place,
  • connect you to the RIGHT PROVIDERS,
  • and GET IT DONE when you can't do it yourself!

OUR MISSION is to make sure that Careplanners get quality advice & services in a way that is affordable & accessible to ALL families (no matter where you live)!

WHAT services do you need?

We offer services for Careplanners, Professional Providers, & Workplaces:

    for Careplanners & Professional Providers
    planning, coordination, advocacy, & implementation services for Careplanners (& our Preferred Providers) 
    EAP  (Employee Assistance Plans) / HR services,  Company Presentations & Workshops, Educational & Wellness Seminars 

Contact us for a consultation & we'll help you confidently put the right pieces together that you'll need!

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Confident Conversations & Careplans

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OCT 3rd,  9am - 10am RADIO INTERVIEW

"The Conscious Caregiver Show"

OCT 11th,  10am - 3pm HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPO
Elliott Community, Guelph ON

NOV 1st, 10am - 12pm  CCP PRESENTATION
Building Your Legacy,  Victoria Park Senior Centre  Fergus, ON

NOV 3rd, 1pm - 5pm THAW Christmas Wellness Market, Waterloo, ON

NOV 4th, 10am - 3pm FALL FRENZY TRADESHOW, Oshweken, ON

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We conveniently come to you at a time & location that works best for your needs (one less WHOA!).

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